Community Point

Community Point is an information hub in the centre of Guildford where you can drop in and find out about all number of community activities, services and volunteering opportunities in the Guildford and Waverley area.


With Community Point

We all know that sometimes getting out and about can be difficult; maybe you’re new to the area, had a change in circumstances such as the birth of a baby, a spell of illness or retirement or maybe getting out and about is hard for you because of mobility problems, anxiety or lack of confidence.

Perhaps you’ve become isolated and the thought of joining in with activities is daunting, or you just need some help finding out what activities there are in your neighbourhood.

Whatever the reason at Community Point we can help you find fun social activities to join in with and help connect you to them. We have a large database of local clubs, support groups, and community activities. Whether you’re looking to meet like-minded people, take up a new hobby, join a support group or improve your fitness, our trained advisers can help you find something that suits you.


With Community Point

Volunteering helps other people but it also helps you. As a volunteer you can make new friends, share your skills and learn new ones. You’ll be making a valuable contribution while keeping active and involved in your community

There are hundreds of different ways to get involved and hundreds of different organisations who need volunteering help locally. There are so many in fact, that it can be time consuming and confusing trying to find one that suits you best

At Community Point we have volunteer advisers who can help you look through what is available and help match you to the volunteering role that is right for you.

Whether you want to volunteer for a few hours a month or several days a week; whether you want to volunteer in an office, in the great outdoors, for a small community group, a big charity or for a public service. Whether you want to volunteer with children, older people, people with disabilities, animals, the arts, sport, the environment, in health, in schools. Whether you want to help with the admin, be a befriender, design a website, raise funds or be a trustee, our advisers will be able to find something for you


With Community Point

We know, it can be daunting to take that first step of contacting a group, either if you want to join in with their activities or you want to volunteer.

At Community Point there are several ways we can help support you if you are feeling unsure or nervous about getting started. We can contact the organisation on your behalf, make appointments for you and even
accompany you until you are settled in.

If you are looking for support to help you or someone you are caring for cope with a specific condition, or if you are facing a particular difficulty such as loneliness, depression or anxiety we can help you find out what services are available and help you get in touch.

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